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  Murder is Served 

Notes for Auditions

The audience has been invited as guests to a surprise eightieth birthday party for Clarissa Hopgood, organised by her long-suffering companion, Alice Roper. The party is being held at Lindsay's restaurant, where we find:

Dramatis Personae

Juan Gonzalez - the Spanish chef

Delilah White - the waitress

Toby Lindsay - restaurant proprietor

Clarissa Hopgood - wealthy old lady

Alice Roper - Clarissa’s companion

Clive - an entertainer

Gloria - Clive’s wife

Julia - a party guest

Reverend Green - an old friend of Clarissa’s

Two Waitresses - “extras” to help with collection of the clue sheets and to work out which table of diners win the prize for having guessed the murderer and motive correctly

Character overviews

Juan           Proud, Spanish chef.  Very emotional

Delilah       An incompetent waitress, a bit tarty, fiercely in love with Toby

Toby           A bit of a Basil Fawlty type, quite rude and arrogant but can be charming.

Clarissa     Rather deaf, cantankerous, pretends to be a bit dotty, rude to all and sundry

Alice           Downtrodden and dowdy, hopelessly in love with Toby

Julia           Normal and pleasant party guest

Green        Bumbling as the vicar and then turns into “super-sleuth” Sir Percival

Gloria         Pretends to be American heiress, then comes out with broad Welsh accent; quite feisty

    At the audition there will be a read through of parts of the script.
You do not need to bring anything with you other than enthusiasm!